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Ah, spiders. An insect so nightmarish, there’s a special name for a fear of them: arachnophobia. Some people have spiders as pets, some people scream at the very sight of them, but all can agree that with 8 legs, they’re very eerie looking; this is probably why they make such popular Halloween decorations. Here are some common questions that you’re probably too creeped out to ask:

Do All Spiders Bite?

Despite their frightening appearance, the majority of spiders do not bite; most are incapable of piercing human skin. In fact, only 2 types of spiders in all of North America are known to be outwardly aggressive and attack humans: the brown recluse and the black widow. Despite how dangerous bites their bites can be, their occurrences are very infrequent. Chances are any spider you encounter is more afraid of you than you of it. If any other spider does try to bite a human, it’s usually out of defense.

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How Many Eyes Do Spiders Have?

The number of eyes range from 0 to 8 to 12, with the most common being 8. Most spiders can only detect light and dark, though some can distinguish shapes.

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How Many Types of Spiders Are There?

Brace yourself for this one: there are roughly 40,000 types of spiders, spread out over every continent, except for Antarctica. In the United States and Canada, there are at least 4,000 known spider species crawling around, and of them, 39 reside in the Pacific Northwest. Yikes!

Why Was Spiderman 4 Canceled?

In the upcoming summer of 2017, Marvel Studios is rebooting the Spiderman franchise… again. The original reboot came out in 2012, 10 years after the original feature length film. With all of these reiterations of the beloved super hero, some may still wonder “What happened to Tobey? He was perfect!”  There’s a perfectly rational explanation to this: because of the revolving door of potential characters, director Sam Raimi could not get a storyline together by the release date Sony had set. For those who miss his franchise, here’s a gentle reminder of why it was time to go:

Yes, ladies and gentleman. That’s Topher Grace, the guy from That 70’s Show, as Venom, one of the coolest villains to face Spidey. Someone saw this audition and said “Oh, totally. This will be well received and loved.”

Did you also forget about angsty Spiderman? Because the Internet remembers:

That’s right, friends. Spiderman 3 had melodramatic Peter Parker. A role so horrible, it was quietly erased from everyone’s memory. There was no way to salvage this storyline with the increasingly bad casting decisions.  It was almost a relief this franchise to be put to rest to make way for the reboot(s).  Sorry, Tobey!


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